Computer Software

Computer Software Problems we can help with:

MS Office and Email problems

Outlook problems? Email problems? Office and general applications problems fixed. MS Office and 365 Cloud migration specialists. Call now for advice and help.

Windows Upgrades (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)

If you have a PC or Laptop with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 …. you now only have one upgrade solution to Windows 8 Pro. We offer an upgrade and spring clean service for $199 as long as you bring it to us and leave it with us for the day. We will even configure it so it looks and feels similar to your old operating system. Call now for an appointment. Bookings are essential and you MUST upgrade windows XP before April 2014 as Microsoft will no longer be supporting it from then.

We also can configure Windows 8 to be more friendlier and look and feel like Windows 7 or you can downgrade to Windows 7 if you wish to. Ask us how.

Trouble Shooting

Trouble-shooting and fixing your PC, Mac and Linux Computer Software problems, virus removal, data backup/restore, setup and syncing of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac) including but not limited to the following:

Help We can help with: Any operating system including PC (Windows 8,7 & XP, Mac and Linux) – even Vista

Help We can help with: OS (Operating System)problems including crashes, blue-screen-of-death, failing to boot, system freezing, cleaning and de-fragging of data and disk drive and improving the speed that programs run at.
Help We can help with: Installing, removal, tweeking and trouble shooting various computer software programs outside of the OS
Help We can help with: Virus, Spyware and Trojan detection, prevention and removal including pop-up windows and unwanted advertising
Help We can help with: Data Backup and Recovery to external HDD (Hard Disk Drives), USB memory stick or the Cloud (Backup over the Internet)
Help We can help with: Cloud (Internet) data storage (for backups, music, movies, data)
Help We can help with: The setting up and syncing of your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac) to our Macs, PC etc including calendar, phone numbers, email addresses etc.

Need more help?

If you live in Western Australia, and you need any kind of computer help, please bring your computer to us or call us out. You can contact us here.

To secure your privacy and prevent virus, trojan and malware infections, The IT Guys recommend AVG anti-virus products.

Our Partners include Microsoft, Telstra, AVG, Symantec, McAfee, Payam and Synnex