My computer goes into sleep mode after 5 minutes. How can I stop it? 15

Does your PC go to sleep without warning resulting in data loss?

Some computers have a conflict with Windows 7. The power saving options of the PC or laptop and Windows 7 do not sit happy with each other resulting in the PC going into sleep mode after just a few minutes of being left unattended.

We have found this to be a particular problem with Dell computers.

Even after telling the Dell PC to “Never” go into power saving mode it continued to do so, often freezing the PC in the middle of a program after the computer had been left unattended for a couple of minutes. This would often result in a hard-reset being required to bring the computer back to life, often resulting in a loss of data.

We identified the problem as being the mouse and the USB power saving settings for the mouse.

Try the following settings and your PC should NEVER go into sleep mode and freeze again






Remember to click “Apply” and “Save” for these changes to come into effect.

contact-usIf you don’t want or can’t fix the problem yourself, give us a call and we can fix it. Come to us in Subiaco or we can come to you.

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