2003 Support has ENDED on July 14th 2015.

Do you need to spend $5,000+ on a new ?

The answer for most SMB's is NO


Is Migration worth it?

would love for you to migrate to a new server with Server 2012 operating , lots of licencing fees for Microsoft and lots of money for their hardware partners, IBM, , etc. but do you need to?

YES …you DO need to migrate OFF but
 … you do not need to migrate to Windows Server 20012

You have at least 6 options.

 Option 1 – Migrate to
 Option 2 – Migrate to
 Option 3 – Migrate your to a
 Option 4 – Migrate your and programs to a
 Option 5 – Migrate your data and programs to a  Server
 Option 6 – Migrate your data and programs to the



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