Antivirus v Security

Many people get confused between antivirus and Security product. Which one is better or which one to choose antivirus or Internet Security?

In a nutshell “ Security attempts to STOP you getting viruses AND gets rid of found ones” whereas products only get rid of a virus once you have it.

Here is how describe the differences

In detail

Anti Virus Products

Anti virus can only scans the virus that it knows. It cannot prevent any virus it does not recognize. So software just fights viruses, worms and trojans they have signatures for and just provides a basic protection. But because as technologies grows method of cyber crime also get advanced and bad people uses many other methods to do the bad things with computer users.

Security Products

Security includes and provide defense against many threats and keep the computer secure even from hackers. is not just one program, but is usually composed more than one application that aims to provide total protection towards the user. Still at its core is certainly an program. But aside from an program, another programs inside the suite provide more peace of mind in the potential risks that came into being along with the web age. It includes the another application that’s essential in a web-based security suite is a firewall. A firewall limits others on the internet from getting utilization of your computer or network by decreasing connection demands . Suite could safeguard you from spyware and adware programs that could send your own personal together with additional information to organizations outdoors and other sorts of and spy ware.


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