Apple devices don’t get viruses? :-) ;-) lol lmao


The good news:

iPhones and iPads are largely immune to computer viruses and DO NOT need anti-virus software.

The bad news:

Apple computers such as iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Mac Mini ARE NOT IMMUNE to Computer Viruses and a top quality and FREE anti-virus program such as AVG For Mac is a necessity.

Back in June 2015 we warned all our Apple owners to beware of viruses on their Apple computers. in our post Apple Computers do not get Malware and Computer Viruses (Urban Myth) we now see at least one Apple computer per day (iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini) with computer viruses and malware either slowing down the computer or stopping it from starting or operating properly.

Our posts shows you how to protect yourself from such viruses and what to do if you suspect you have one.

Most viruses are designed to target Microsoft Windows computers, but there is one type of particular type of viruses called the virus that targets both Windows and Apple computers and is NOT fixable without paying a ransom.


In August we posted, CRYPTOLOCKER Virus still a threat and very active. Please beware and we have heard of incidents almost daily (including one last Friday).

The IT Guys were recently called out to a firm of lawyers who had all computers, servers and backup drives encrypted by the cryptolocker virus. As well as having to pay the ransom of $800, they had IT costs of $1,000 and had to close the office for a day.

Apple Computers are NOT immune to Computer Viruses, please beware and take precautions as mentioned in our various posts.

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