Apple’s latest and greatest iOS (operating system) has just become available (13 Sept 2016). Should I update to it?


Apple’s latest iOS update has just come available as on 13th September 2016, featuring a huge amount of new features and fixes.

However, unlike previous updates, this one is particularly large and even Apple do not advise making the charge before backing up your or iPad first.


Now the problem Apple do not realise is that many, many iPhone/iPad users have NEVER backed-up their device, have no idea how to do so and have NEVER synced or even connected it to on an iMac or MacBook or even a Windows PC/Laptop using the supplied USB lead,

If the update goes wrong…. you are in danger of wiping all the data from your iPhone or iPad. Updating via Apple iTunes is strongly recommended.

Before attempting the upgrade Apple strongly advise you to BACKUP your data using iTunes rather than attempting the upgrade directly through your device.

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How to update iPhone or iPad to iOS 10 using iTunes on an iMac or Macbook


How to update iPhone or iPad to iOS 10 using iTunes on Windows 10


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