Macbook liquid damage, water spillage to Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air? We can help.


macbook liquid damageSpilling or immersing an electronic device of any kind in ANY form of liquid is probably the worse thing you can do in terms of damaging it. We may not be able to repair macbook liquid damage but we can recover your data and provide an insurance report.

macbook liquid damage

THE GOOD NEWS – You probably wont lose your and programs as long as you get the device to us quickly. Bring with you an External Hard Drive or you can purchase one from us for $99 and we will copy the data off your device, you can at least then your data from another computer and we can help you reinstall that data to a new one.

THE BAD NEWS – Even if you do manage to dry the computer out (lots of hints here) , it is very unlikely you will ever fully recover the

If you can get it going, facts are that you have reduced the computers life by years.

There is no escaping the onset of corrosion of the motherboard. If you are lucky, It may give you 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or more of worry free operation. So if you get the chance to replace it under your insurance, we would recommend you do so ASAP or plan on a new computer ASAP.

If the Macbook is a current model (under 5 years old), the best price for replacing parts will be from an but be aware that they may not recover your data.

Make sure you ask about this as “expect” you to have a current of your data on a drive or in the .

Non-Current Macbooks can only be repaired using second-hand parts and we do not recommend it as the parts have no guarantee and are as expensive as purchasing a new machine.

Repairs and Upgrades of Other Mac Computers

The IT Guys also repair and all Computers, including iMac Repairs, iMac UpgradesMacbook Repairs, Macbook Upgrades, Macbook Pro Repairs, Macbook Pro Upgrades, Macbook Air Repairs, Macbook Air Upgrades and Mac Mini Repairs and Mac Mini Upgrades. We can also offer a Macbook Battery Replacement Service.

Purchasing New Computer and Transferring programs and data

Quite often we may advise our clients that their computer will be cheaper to replace, rather than repair and we may offer you a choice of replacement equipment. We do not sell new Apple equipment but will guide you in the choices available and where they can be purchased. However, we can assist you with the setup, transfer of data and programs from your old computer to the new one.