It is vitally important to ensure your Computers and Apple devices are updated with the latest Operating Systems (OS)


This ensures they are patched against hacking and are compatible with iCloud, iPhone, iPad, iWatch etc.

For Computers running or OS such as iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mini

How to check Mac, iMac, Mini or MacBook for MacOS Updates

To determine which is the current operating system for your device, click on the following link:

mac os logo

iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro

iphone, ipad

For the iPhone and iPad the latest version of the Operating System can be found at the following link:

ios logo

…. Check your version on iPhone or iPad by clicking on the following

How to Check iPhone or iPad for iOS updates

Ensure you get updates AUTOMATICALLY by following the instructions here:

How to switch on Automatic iOS and App updates for iPhone and iPad


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