Important information for Mac users with AVAST (AVG) Anti-Virus (For Mac)

Avast AVG Merger

We have been informed by a number of our clients with that they have recently been receiving a Security Warning on their computers such as the following, asking to allow “ Technologies CZ, s.r.o.” App to load.

If the above appears on your computer, please click the “Allow” button and enter your password if requested.

The FREE / anti virus product for is asking for permission to update the program.

By clicking the “Allow” button you are giving it permission to install the update and keep you protected by viruses and attacks.

You may also see the following screen appear.


If you see the above screen click on the “FIX ALL” button. If the “Web Shield” button does not turn Green after a few moments, manually click on the button to switch “Web Shield” to the green “ON” position.

Once this fix is made, you may also want to take the opportunity of clicking on the “SCAN MAC” button, to make sure your MAC is still from viruses.

This is necessary to ensure that your Mac stays from viruses and keeps protecting you from malicious viruses and phishing attacks.

If your lucky the scan will not find anything, if not.


Simply hit “Resolve All” to quarantine the viruses

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