Backing up iPhone or iPad using iCloud

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iMac, setting up iCloud is the easiest way to backup your device automatically over WiFi and every user gets a FREE 5GB of data storage with each account.

According to our research over 70% of iPhone/iPad users have NEVER or RARELY backup their data or even know how to do so.

If you need more than 5GB of data, you can purchase more from Apple, See this link to determine prices per country

  1. Make sure you have the latest OS version and that there are no pending updates.

How to Check iPhone or iPad for iOS updates

2. Now Sign into iCloud

Creating an iCloud account or recovering a lost iCloud Password

Ensure that “iCloud Backup” is switched “On



Hit the “Backup Now” button to start the process.

Now, whenever you are connected to WI-FI and you have the charger lead in, an automatic iCloud backup will commence.

If you do not have WIFI, you will have to choose the other option Backing up iPhone or iPad using iTunes on a Mac or a PC

Backing up iPhone or iPad using iTunes on a Mac or a PC

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