Are you a Telstra Customer? Then please be made aware of the Fake Telstra Refund Scam email that we almost fell for today.


Here is how it goes…. you receive what looks like a genuine e-mail bill from Telstra, with the subject line of  “Your Telstra bill For Account 2000133647550 is refunded” informing you that you’ve been double billed and that you are due for a refund.

The email supposedly comes from Telstraemailbill717 @

Clicking on the blue “Login to My Account” button, takes you to : / 01myfe/ which is a very cleverly disguised phishing website built to look like a genuine Telstra page but is not. Any genuine Telstra webpage would be from or


The site does not need your genuine Telstra account email or password and will with any email address or password, taking you through to this credit card page where your full personal details are stolen


What gave away the scam for us is the gathering questions asked such as “Credit Card Limit” and



…. Date of Birth details ….. .

If you have seen this email in the last few months and have applied for a refund, it means your credit card details have been compromised.

  1. Call your bank immediately and cancel the credit card you may of used.
  2. Check your recent Bank and Credit Card statements for fraudulent transactions and report them to the bank.

This information will allow to steal your identity and scam you further in the future. The scammers will use this information to attempt to gain access to your bank accounts and credit card accounts.

Although the IT Guys have just come across this particular scam, it appears it has been doing the rounds for some time.

Please click on any of the link below to see further reporting on this and other Telstra Scams.


Phishing email alert re: Fake Telstra bills

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