Judging by a number of our customers negative feedback, we get the feeling that Tech Support people don't really understand Apple Mail ( Mail)

telstra support

When setting up mail accounts on a new using mail, the mail can appear as “offline” with the result that mail cannot be sent and backs up.

Checkout this from and see if it works for you.

When you configure a the auto-complete does not always configure the SMTP settings correctly. The outgoing mail server (SMTP) may show as “Bigpond Offline”

If it doesn't, check the following in

mail > preferences > accounts

Bigpond setup on Apple Mail


un-tick the “Automatically manage connection settings”


Bigpond setup on mac Mail

and try ticking the box “Use TLS/SSL” and set authentication to “

This has worked for a number of clients of The IT Guys () we hope it works for you.



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