APPLE COMPUTER TECHNICIAN JOB – Full Time/Part Time – Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia

HELP WANTED – Apple Computer Technicians – Full Time/Part Time – Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia Duties and Responsibilities * Receipt of customer equipment, triaging and documenting issues reported * Diagnosis and repair of devices in and out of warranty * Diagnosis and resolution of software problems * Accurate documentation and recording […]

Datto ALTO 3 – Intelligent Business Continuity Solution for Small Business

FREE 2TB Backup Hardware Device with 2TB Cloud backup from only $119 per month* The Datto ALTO 3 delivers enterprise-gradeIntelligent Business Continuity (IBC) functionality at a small business price. See also: TRADITIONAL BACKUP VS. INTELLIGENT BUSINESS CONTINUITY Functionality included with monthly service: 2TB Local and Cloud Backup System licences for Windows, Mac […]

Sonos Installation and Troubleshooting

Having issues with an existing Sonos system setup or wanting to setup a new system? We can help. The IT Guys have had to deal with many homes and business with old Sonos installations. Even though they may work seamlessly for years, fixing them when they stop working can be […]

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Security Features – Standard v Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Security Features – Standard v Advanced Threat Protection Microsoft Hosted Exchange mail boxes offer Malware, Spam and Phishing protection as standard, features not offered by POP or IMAP mailboxes provided by ISP’s or Domain Hosting Companies. Under the “Security & Compliance” section of the hosted exchange admin […]

IT, Cyber & Computer Systems Auditing Service – Perth

FREE IT, Cyber & Computer Systems Audit and Security Assessment for Small to Medium Sized Business in the Perth Metro Area. If you have an in-house IT person, IT team or external IT service provider, would you not like to ensure that they are doing the best for your company? […]

How to setup OneDrive and SharePoint on an iMac or Macbook

We show you how to install Microsoft’s OneDrive and Sharepoint on a Mac, so you can share files with other Mac and PC users running Office 365. If you or your company uses Microsoft Onedrive or Sharepoint in a Windows PC environment as part of Office 365, it can also […]

Cloud based PABX Systems from $24.95 per month

Businesses can reduce their telephone costs by up to 66% by replacing their current PABX system with a cloud based PABX. Cloud based PABX systems allow businesses to cancel their telephone line rentals and ditch their old PABX systems and receive and make calls using their Internet Connection, all without […]

Outlook E-mail Sending Issue Fix 1

Having problems sending email when using Outlook? Are others having problems emailing you from Outlook? If you or a colleague has recently updated their email server, moved to a new email provider, changed to Microsoft Hosted Exchange or a new email host, then Microsoft Outlook may experience problems in either […]

How to speed up your Mac

Do you remember when your Mac started up in a few seconds? How to speed up your Mac If you do remember when your Mac started quickly, you’ve either got a very good memory or you already have a Mac fitted with an SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of a […]

Why is my Mac Slow all of a Sudden? 2

12 Reasons why your Mac or MacBook is so slow all of a sudden? Without putting the Slow Mac or Macbook through an Apple Diagnostics test, it is impossible to say if you are experiencing one or more than one issue. Your slow mac may have suddenly started or it […]