Buying Avast (AVG) Cloudcare in Australia

AVG-CloudCare-RGBAvast Managed Anti Virus Protection from $21.60 per year per device

 What is Cloudcare?

You probably know that AVG are one of the world’s leading Anti Virus providers. offers complete protection for your business or individual computers.

AVG Cloudcare provides all of the standard protection you expect from a traditional Antivirus Program plus optional extra services such as AVG Cloud Backup and


Direct integration with our flagship. A single, central management platform alerts you when issues arise and enables you to push policies and automatic updates across all of your accounts easily and efficiently.


avg-content-filtering-300x169AVG Content Filtering

Helps protect users from malicious online content and blocks access to many inappropriate websites. Boost their productivity and yours by centrally managing web access based on client defined usage policies.


avg-cloud-backupAVG Cloud Backup

Protect client data from loss with regularly scheduled backups to the cloud that run automatically. Easily and quickly restore a single file or an entire directory if customer data becomes lost or corrupt.


Instead of a program that you install and then forget about until it’s time to renew, AVG Cloudcare is purchased Annually or Monthly and is “Fully Managed” by the IT Guys. Fully Managed means that if your Anti Virus program stops working, is not updating or detects serious malware on your devices, The IT Guys as your AVG partner will be informed of the threat and we will endeavour to get in touch with you to warn you of the situation (in case you had not noticed it yourself).

AVG Cloudcare Pricing

AVG Cloudcare is only available from an authorised AVG Cloudcare partner such as The IT Guys (WA)


 *All prices are in Australian Dollars and Ex GST. AVG Cloudcare prices as detailed above are based on
1) Payment in advance by Credit Card or Bank Transfer
2) Self installation from email or supplied install file, sent to you by email
The IT Guys(WA) can install at our workshop or remotely for a further one-off fee of $33 (for 1 PC)

If you wish to purchase

AVG Anti VirusAVG Cloud Backup or AVG Content Filtering for 1 to 1000 devices,

please call us on 08 6365 5603 or

email us at


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