Is your PC, Mac, Server, Website, Email or mobile device acting strangely?

computer virus

Computer Virus?

If your PC, Mac, , Website, or mobile device is acting strangely, then the problem could be a physical issue such as a failing part, an Operating System issue (Windows/MacOS) or caused by an unwanted third party software, computer or infection or “bug” designed to capture your , shopping habits and even blackmail or hold you to ransom () by encrypting your .

The IT Guys are experts in detecting and fixing these issues and restoring Windows and Apple computers, servers and websites to a secure working state.

Even the best “” and “Anti-Malware” products will only protect you 90% of the time. Everyone's computer systems get compromised once in a while. The trick is to know that there is a potential problem and have someone look at it before it becomes a major issue.

The security issues we encounter generally fall into 4 categories:

Please call us on the number below to discuss your issues with a technician and we can then best decide if this is a simple issue that can be dealt with over the phone, remotely by logging into your computer, or requires equipment to be dropped off at our workshop for or requires a site office or home visit.