If you, your children or parents had unwittingly been exposed to someone who had the COVID-19 virus, would you not want to know about it?


Well this is essentially what the Governments COVIDSafe SmartPhone Tracing App does.

Protect yourselves, your children and your parents from the threat by downloading and installing the on your smartphones TODAY.

While you are at it, also put the app on your children's and encourage your parents to do the same.

The more devices the app is installed on, the lower the number of older and vulnerable Australian's that will die and the quicker it will be that we can get back to our normal Aussie way of life.

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How does it work?

how does covidsafe tracing app work

The COVIDSafe Tracing App installed on a smartphone, assists the army of virus-contact-tracers in finding people who have been in contact with a patient that has tested positive to the virus.

We don't think the Federal Government have done a great job in gaining the public's confidence and trust, especially considering their past performances on other recent issues.

But when the vast-majority of politicians of all sides agree to install it themselves (with the exception of Pauline Hansen and Barnaby Joyce) then that should give the public more confidence.

Is the COVIDSafe app safe to download and run?

YES … as long as it is downloaded from the designated App Stores for and / phones or the COVIDSafe App Website as detailed below:

Download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Download on the Apple App Store.Get it on Google Play

Does the COVIDSafe app compromise my security and anonymity?

NO … all is stored on your and automatically deleted after 21 days. For the Government to get to that data, you have to consent to sharing the data with the Government, you have the choice.

If I upload data from the app, will it be held on US based servers?

NO…. although the company storing the data is a US company () it will be held in Australian data centres.

Can I get help downloading and installing the App to my smartphone?

YES … drop by our at :address: between :opening-hours: and one of our technicians will be happy to help you download and install the app for FREE.

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