Deleted iTunes songs by mistake

We’ve all done it…. deleted a favourite song on the PC by mistake!!!!

Deleted iTunes songs by mistake?? No problem we think … I have a copy of my iPhone or iPad or iTouch … I will just “sync” the two …problem is that anything “deleted” on your PC or Mac will cause the copy on your iPhone or iPad or iTouch to also be deleted.

Deleted iTunes songs by mistake? There is a solution, even though its not very well documented


If you Deleted iTunes songs by mistake in your PC or Mac iTunes go to:

“File” > “Devices” > “Transfer Purchases from ” … name of your iPhone or iPad or iTouch

and anything you’ve purchased (or imported or added) should be able to be “re-imported” into itunes

Alternatively try this

1) Connect your iPhone or iPad or iTouch

2) Open up windows explorer

3) look for the device in windows explorer (probably e: or f: drive)

4) Navigate to “iPod_control” > “Music”

5) Create a new folder say “Recovered Music”

6) Copy all these files to a the folder on your C: or D: drive

7) ‘re-import’ the tracks them by going to iTunes and “File” > “Add Folder to Library” > and selecting the newly created folder

8) You may have a lot of duplications but better than losing those precious songs.

Once you have imported the songs, highlight the new tracks with the track information missing…


…. and right-click the mouse and select “Get track names” and iTunes will attempt to populate the track and album names (you may get prompted when duplicate alternatives are found)


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  1. Jamie - November 9, 2015 Reply

    I have deleted my whole iTunes music library on my purchased list by mistake, how can i get them back?


    • John Kirkby - November 9, 2015 Reply

      Im not sure “how” you deleted the entire library. Have you check in your “trash” to see if it is there? If you could send more details such as operating System, etc, we can help you more. If the purchases were made from the iTunes store, you can login and re-download any purchases.

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