Microsoft’s Windows Defender Anti Virus program built into Windows 7, 8 and Vista does NOT provide adequate Anti Virus and Anti spyware protection and Microsoft admit it.

Adefenderll windows PC’s are shipped with Microsoft Windows Defender Anti virus system. It is a very, very basic software that does not fully protect you or your computer.

Microsoft itself claims that Windows Defender is just a basic anti- program that protects your computer from the virus attacks in case your system has no other third-party antivirus program installed in it. This further means that even Microsoft suggests that users should go for any other, comparatively more effective and efficient antivirus programs in order to enjoy the complete protection from the external threats and intrusions.


.1 PC’s and Laptops usually come with Norton’s Anti Virus pre-installed such is their faith in Windows Defender.



Norton’s Basic Anti Virus protection is $59.99 for 1 year.




avg-cloudcareThe IT Guys recommend AVG Cloudcare and can supply and install it for $52.80 per year per device.

One major advantage of AVG Cloudcare supplied by the IT Guys, is that we monitor your anti virus software and are automatically alerted when a problem occurs on your computer or , such as a virus is detected or the product is prevented from updating on a regular basis or even if your computer runs out of disk space or crashes.

The IT Guys also offer the following additional AVG services that we can also manage on your behalf


AVG Online – Backup personal and company data, over the Internet

AVG Content – Limit user access to websites

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