Why you should NOT UPGRADE to Windows 10

Why you should NOT UPGRADE to


Update April 2016

We recommend NOT upgrading to Windows 10 ONLY if……

a) your Laptop or PC is older than 2 years.

b) you still run Office 2003

c) you run older software may not also run on Win 10 , check with the manufacturer.

d) Printers/scanners/or other peripherals older than 2 years may also not run on Windows 10

If none of the above applies, feel free to run the upgrade… which ceases to be FREE after 29th July 2016, when you will have to pay $120 for Windows 10 home or $199 for Windows 10 pro.

If you really want Windows 10, buy a desktop or laptop with it already installed


If you really want to stop Windows 10 installing, see here

How to uninstall Windows 10

Windows 10 is now a mature platform and a big improvement on when first released.

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  1. DAv - November 19, 2015 Reply

    That b***shit, i have upgraded my tablet from windows 8 to 10, and installed a new system on my office computer from nothing (new ssd), both work just perfect. I had some issues with one of the pre_installed apps which crashed from time to time but that seems to be fixed with the last update…

    • John Kirkby - November 19, 2015 Reply

      Congratulations, you are one of the 50% that sailed through the upgrade. We see the other side, no drivers for printers, bluetooth devices and general failed installations. However, the numbers are becoming less frequent so Microsoft are obviously working on the glitches. We only advised to hang out a further 6 months and that was a month ago. By mid 2016 all issues should have been fixed.

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