Does your Wi-Fi reach all corners of your house?

…or is your family tied to the room where your modem is located?

Does your Wi-Fi reach all corners of your house?

Why does our Wi-Fi not extend further and why is it so slow?

Modems supplied by , iiNet//, etc. have very poor capabilities.

They have Wi-Fi strong enough to cover a single room well but are not designed to cover multiple rooms or houses with multiple floors.

Rather than purchasing cheap boosters plugged into sockets around the house, we recommend adding a powerful Wireless- such as a Ubiquiti AmpliFi™ HD (High Density) Mesh Router  which gives a Wi-Fi signal up to 500% stronger than standard modems.

Standalone AmpliFi HD Mesh Router (AFI-R) is great for powerful coverage in an average sized space up to 930 square metres.

You can purchase Standalone AmpliFi HD Mesh Router (AFI-R) from us, they just plug into your modem and are simple to install yourself. We also offer an optional installation service for a small fee….. more

Amplifi Solution

Why does our Wi-Fi not reach the upstairs bedrooms?

Wi-Fi signals will not penetrate concrete or thick brick/block walls. The only way to get a Wi-Fi signal to areas behind these walls and floors is as follows:

1. Hard Wire ( cable) through or around the obstruction to a Wireless Access Point (Electrician required) by Installing Wireless Access Points (WAPs) throughout the house (3 or 4 will normally cover a very large )

2. Use a Mesh-Wi-Fi Network  such as multiple Amplifi HD Mesh Routers that use door or staircase openings to transmit Wi-Fi signals through to other areas or

multi storey amplifi solution

3. If your home is already smart-wired, replace existing Ethernet wall plates with in-wall Wireless Access Points (WAPs)

The IT Guys only supply the world's best WI-FI equipment made by . Our technicians are qualified and certified UBIQUITI experts and can design a new system or troubleshoot your current system.

For the best and most efficient solution, please call and speak to one of our technicians.

Why is our Internet so slow?

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