Domain Name Registration

Tired of running your business as a slave to @bigpond or

The IT Guys can set you up with an custom email domain name to suit you or your business.

FREE, Generic or ISP based domain names in emails do NOT do your business any favours.

Read the article here : 6 Reasons why you should NOT conduct business using a Generic, Free or ISP based email address.

Because traditional domain name spaces such as .com and .net are becoming more and more crowded you maybe out of luck. Unfortunately it’s increasingly difficult to get the domain name you want but there are alternatives.

While we can normally purchase a .com, .net,, .org or  for only $20 per year the new gTLD’s are a little costlier.

And therefore, if nothing suitable is available in the above , there are a number of NEW domain name extension (New gTLD’s) that maybe suitable (see below) such as .business or .solutions

Domain Hosting

Once you or your company has its own custom domain email name “hosted” somewhere it can then receive and send emails.

A server (located either on the internet or in your office) is required to host the email server program such as Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino or Sendmail.

While bigger companies may elect to host their email server on their own servers on their own premises this is the most expensive option.

Therefore, smaller companies “rent” hosted mail services from a variety of sources. The IT Guys recommend Microsoft Hosted Exchange (Office 365).

Renting mail hosting services is cheap compared to the cost of purchasing your own server and mail software. Self hosting cost’s thousands of dollars and will need to maintained and replaced every 3 to 5 years.

The IT Guys can register a domain for as little as $20 per year plus setup costs. The domains can then be hosted on the Microsoft Hosted Exchange Service or on Microsoft Office 365  (Small Business Premium or Higher).

A cost effective solution is “Office 365 Business Premium” combining the latest Microsoft Office with hosted Exchange.

 $17.50 per user per month buys you the full new Microsoft Office suite (Office 365), your own domain name and Microsoft Exchange. Therefore the latest Office (Office 365)  plus your own domain name and hosting for only $210 per user per year.

New gTLD’s

We are excited to be able to offer our clients access to register an extensive range of New gTLDs.  Now there’s a New gTLD to suit everyone — from local to industry-specific to popular culture

Choose from any of the following ….but hurry and get in while you can for only $50 per year (including GST)

.sydney .clothing .exchange .kiwi .schule
.melbourne .club .expert .land .services
.nz .coach .exposed .lease .shoes
.academy .codes .fail .legal .singles
.accountants .coffee .farm .life .solar
.agency .community .finance .lighting .solutions
.apartments .company .financial .limited .style
.associates .computer .fish .limo .supplies
.bargains .condos .fitness .loans .supply
.bike .construction .flights .maison .support
.bingo .contractors .florist .management .surgery
.boutique .cool .football .marketing .systems
.builders .credit .foundation .media .tax
.business .creditcard .fund .memorial .technology
.buzz .cruises .furniture .money .tennis
.cab .dating .gallery .network .tienda
.camera .deals .gifts .partners .tips
.camp .delivery .glass .parts .tires
.capital .dental .graphics .photography .today
.cards .diamonds .gratis .photos .tools
.care .digital .gripe .pizza .town
.careers .direct .guide .place .toys
.cash .directory .guru .plumbing .training
.casino .discount .healthcare .productions .university
.catering .domains .holdings .properties .vacations
.center .education .holiday .recipes .ventures
.chat .email .house .reisen .viajes
.cheap .energy .industries .rentals .villas
.church .engineering .institute .repair .vision
.city .enterprises .insure .report .voyage
.claims .equipment .international .restaurant .watch
.cleaning .estate .investments .sarl .works
.clinic .events .kitchen .school .world
.wtf .zone

Some Examples


Mail Migration

The most difficult part of moving your mail to a new provider is the data migration. Data migration is always easy and the faint-hearted should not attempt it.

Due to our having performed this operation numerous times, we understand the pitfalls of mail migration. A reliable Internet connection allows us to do this remotely thus saving you time and money.

FREE, generic or ISP domain names can ruin a business


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