Can you update the content on your own website?
Don’t let your web developer hold you to ransom.

It is a scenario we hear all too often. Having spend $5, $10 sometimes $15,000 or more on a superb new shiny website, 6 months down the track, you realise that to simply update a number or to add a news item, you have to then re-employ the website developers, who then want to charge a huge amount of money for a task that would only take you 5 minutes. …. if only you had control of your own website.

At The IT Guys we specialise in trouble-shooting, fixing, maintaining and developing affordable, professional, customisable and self-manageable websites using the WordPress platform.

The IT guys can copy and move your existing site to the Wordpress platform that can then be easily updated by anyone, including yourself.

WordPress is the most widely used platform for websites in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. WordPress has over 2,000 themes with the vast majority being and most of the PAID theme’s under $100.

Examples of Company Websites that we have developed, fixed or provided services to

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Need more help?

Covid-19 Update: Business as usual for workshop , remote and onsite support.

If you live in Western Australia, and you need any kind of , please bring your computer to us at 315 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia or call us out. You can email us at or call:

08 6118 2601 

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For instant remote control sessions, follow the instructions found on this page

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