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22 thoughts on “How to fix Office 365 or Office 2016 “Activation” or “Unlicensed Product” Problems

  • sam

    HI, I have a PC at my work place and I want to activate Microsoft office 2016 using my own account and this message pops up “THE ACCOUNT …….@gmail.com isnt associated with this office product.” I know what it means, but i just want to ask, Is there a way for me to activate office using my own account. cause the person using this computer before used his account to install it..

    • John Kirkby Post author

      Try “Sign-Out” of the existing account and then sign in with yours. However, to do this you will need to purchase a licence. If you have you may then need to reinstall office. You cannot simply switch to another email if you do not own the software or the subscription.

  • Kalissa Friedman

    Thanks for that LOVELY advice – my computer now COMPLETELY uninstalled ALL microsoft office products THANKS TO THIS ARTICLE 2 hours before my assignment is due!!!!!!!!

  • Toni Mayr

    all above mentioned possibilities were done today on my PC by a consierge supporter from MS. Actually he did it twice 🙂
    Finally , nothing changed.
    Opening Outlook 2016 or Word / Excel I still get a warning, that I may have a volume licence product and it is not verified.
    Yes, thx for the news …I know that I have Office 365 Business Premium and I definitely have a registered account :-))

    So what….even MS Support is not able to handle own products???

    BR Tony from Germany

  • KMN


    Please advise how to export my emails from outlook while my 365 office licence is expired. Please note that i will change my office to 2016 pro instead of 365.

    Thanking you in advance.

  • Robert

    I have one pc that will not register. I have looked on the admin account and all looks good, I have uninstalled it and we installed it. I have logged off her account and logged on my account is it still wouldn’t register. I have no idea why this wont register. I haven’t have her log on a different computer to see if that might work.I ‘m not sure what would stop hers from registering on line. Any ideas of what to o next?

    • John Kirkby Post author

      This may be due to the computer having been installed using another licence or account in the past. That computer needs to be removed from that licence before being added to the new one. We have experienced similar problems when trying to “change” the licence ie Business to Business Pro Plus, bu this is usually solved by uninstalling one and then reinstalling the other… are you sure Onedrive or Sharepoint is not still running as a process in the background?


    Dear Sir, Previously I installed ms office 2016 pro plus and used to show user information as XXXXXXX
    I wanted morph so I purchased new ms office 365 , 2016 Subscription Product home copy with XXXXXXXXXX
    First I uninstalled previous ms office 2016 pro plus and installed new mso 265, 2016 Subscription Product, now it shows user information XXXXXX
    But, Now it says Activation required and on Thursday, April 19, 2018 most features of power point will be disabled. Please help me.

  • Paul

    All the money we pay for office 365 products (900) and we keep getting unlicensed product errors in Windows 10 Enterprise. I do not understand why we would have to reinstall the whole product, or purchase another license. It was working yesterday.

  • daniel

    Why can’t I copy and paste my resume to edit it in another software since my office 365 has run out? I have to pay to be able to apply for jobs when I am applying to acquire money in the first place?