Having Windows 7 update issues from a fresh installation?

Does the above look familiar? Have you been waiting hours for Windows 7 to load updates?

Have you tried a multitude of Microsoft Fixes all to no avail?

You are not alone. How frustrating is this?

Although The IT Guys have installed hundreds if not thousands of copies of Windows 7 from scratch, until July 2016 we had never encountered any with bringing the updates and fixes up to the present date (even if it did take hours)

It appears to be a problem of not having the correct update for “Windows Updater”


But recently things appear to have changed?

Some people speculate that the problem is a sneeky trick by Microsoft to force everyone onto Windows 10?

Who knows, but we have finally found a way around it, using a tool called WSUS Offline Update

You will find it at

The utility downloads hundreds of windows updates and starts to extract them, once installed, simply reboot, run windows update again and after a while they start to get processed and the normal procedure continues.


Select what you want to


Select 32 bit or 64 bit and click Start.

Save the extracted files into “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\” and then run the extraction file (mkisofs.exe) from that folder, the self-extractor files will begin to install missing updates.


Once the extraction has finished, restart the computer and run the windows updater again. It may take a few hours and a number of restart but eventually updates should start to be processed.

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