Free computer fix that works in over 50% of computer cases

We fix 10 – 20 client problems per day and one simple Free computer fix technique solves a surprising amount of problems.

No matter what device you are using albeit running , 8 or 7 or Mac OS or , this simple trick can fix many confounding issues that appear to unfixable.

I know you’ve heard this many, many times before, but let my colleague Roy explain…

…. and if that doesn’t work, make sure you know if the problem is with a PC or a Mac…

Love The show…. 🙂

But joking apart …. unless your device/computer/laptop is completely switched off (powered off)…vital fixes and updates may not install and this is what often fixes many issuues.

Closing the lid on a laptop does NOT shut down a Laptop.

No matter what device you have be it PC or MAC try a hard-reboot.…. by holding down the power or on-off button for at least 30 seconds and until all lights, fan noises etc have stopped.

Leave the device another 15 seconds or so (longer if it’s running too hot) and then use the power button to start it up again…… this is when you may well see something like this….


Macbooks, Air’s, iPad ‘s and Phones are no different……… powering them on and off fixes many many issues.


Having Problems with Mac Apps not working?

On a Mac PC or Laptop running OSx

They probably need updating or re-installing. Go to the and check for any available updates .Or by going through “System Preferences”


And selecting “App Store




If any apps have available updates …simply install them and try the app again.


On an iPad or iPhone

Look for the “App Store” icon and click it …. you will be taken to a screen similar to the following



Some of your Apps may have pending updates, see the bottom right of the screen. If there is a number in the “Updates” icon, that number represents the number of available updates. If there is no number, everything is up to date. Click on the number to see what updates are available.



App Store on iphone and iPad

A list of available updates is shown, either select each one individually or select “Update All” in the top right.

As long as you are connected to Wi-fi or you have opted to allow apps to download using mobile data, the process of downloading should begin.



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