How to get 100 mbps internet without NBN

Get internet download speeds of over 100 mbps in Perth WITHOUT NBN or Fibre and for less than $100 per month results from Mosman Park 6012, Sat March 2017


Just because NBN is not yet available in your area does not mean you cannot enjoy super-fast internet speeds. If you have or are eligible to have Foxtel Cable (not satellite) at your premisis, you probably have a “HFC” connection meaning you can connect to the internet using the Foxtel HFC cable rather than the telephone line.


The HFC cable network is owned by the NBN company (Telstra sold it to them in 2015) but at the moment only Telstra are allowed to use it for Internet. This is set to change in the next year or two as NBN take over the HFC network and provide even faster Internet speeds over it.

To find out if you qualify for HFC (Cable) broadband “Telstra Cable Broadband” or NBN go to the following URL and enter your address.

…then scroll down to “Check Availability in your area

Enter your address and choose from the drop down list of addresses

If your one of the very lucky ones you will see the following message:


So no need for HFC, NBN speeds of up to 100mbps is available, click here for more information on NBN Packages

If NBN is not available, hopefully you will see the following message:


… if your ARE NOT Lucky …you may well see the following and will just have to be resigned to snails-pace internet until NBN comes to town or the HFC cable network is expanded.



Your current ADSL service via the phone line is probably delivering somewhere between 1 and 10 mbps download speed, maybe even 18-20 if your very close to an exchange. However, “NBN” Will give speeds up to 100 mbps or “Telstra Cable Broadband” will give you speeds between 30 and 70 mbps.

If your already a Telstra customer on an ADSL plan and Cable is available, you can change to Cable Broadband for no extra charge…. jump up and down enough and you may not even have to pay for the new cable modem they will send out to you.

How we increased a Mosman Park clients internet speed
by 516% to 31 mbps by moving them to HFC


What’s the catch? Why haven’t Telstra been informing people about this?

Various theories abound, but my conclusion is that Telstra are being very short sighted. They know by switching customers to HFC they will no longer need the telephone lines and Telstra will lose those line rentals. It is a short-sighted view, as when NBN move the HFC network to full-NBN, each consumer will be given the choice between staying with their current ISP or moving to a new one. Consumers are creatures of habit and the majority will stay with their ISP…. and if Telstra already have you on HFC, your more likely to stay with them on NBN.

I’m a Westnet/iiNet Customer, will moving to Telstra mean I lose my email address?

We get asked this question all the time. Even though you will cease to use iiNet/Westnet as your Internet Provider, you can still retain your email account by paying them a $25 per year annual fee and have it redirected to another account.

I live in a house or block of units that is not connected to the NBN or HFC networks, what can I do to increase my very slow ADSL speed?

You may be waiting a very long time to get connected to the HFC or NBN network, so in the meantime, this may be your only solution.

Mobile Broadband comes of age, thanks to Telstra

Save money by Combining Telstra Cable Broadband and Foxtel

If your already a existing Foxtel customer you can also save some money by combining your Broadband/Internet and Foxtel subscription with Telstra.  You may also find your eligible for Fast Cable Internet rather than ADSL over the telephone line. See the following link

Do you have a Foxtel/Telephone/Internet Bundle and very slow Internet?

How do I go about applying for Telstra Cable Broadband

Telstra are not the easiest people to deal with, but we do know of a very friendly and helpful Telstra guy who can ease the pain and get you up and running very quickly or you can simply apply online. If you want to deal with a person locally, email us with your Address, Phone number, current ISP, Foxtel customer details etc and we will forward your details to our Tame-Telstra-Man.

Installing Telstra Cable Broadband

Although the Cable Broadband systems are relatively easy to install, installing a new modem may not be as simple as it sounds, especially if cabling is required to bring the service into a smart-hub or the other end of the house and especially if you need to have multiple devices, TV’s, Computers etc, having access to the Internet Service by cable or Wi-Fi.

The IT Guys, can provide professional installation services, advice and cabling and we are happy to provide a free quotation. Please contact us on the number below.


NBN over HFC delayed until Q3/Q4 2018

Need more help?

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