More ATO Scams in Perth. Please beware.

If you receive a call or a missed call from a “02” or “03” number and at the other end of the call is a recorded message supposedly from the ATO (Australian Tax Office) then just hang up.

To be sure it was not a genuine call, then call the directly yourself on 1800 008 540 and speak to a real person and see if it really was the ATO making that call.

Chances are, IT WAS NOT a genuine call from the ATO.

Scammers are trying to get you to leave a voice-message so they can use your voice as a means of identifying you and steal your identity

The ATO are increasing using your “VoicePrint” to identify you when dealing with the ATO (see

So this latest wants you to leave a voicemail or message so that they can steal your “VoicePrint” and impersonate you.

See the following link for details of this and other ATO scams





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