March Hackers Breach Thousands of Microsoft Customers Around the World
microsoft exchange server

Firstly the good news. If you are a client of the IT Guys (WA) or Hydrid ICT and we provide you with email support services, then you are probably safe.


All & The IT Guys (WA) clients are setup on “Hosted” Exchange.

The mail servers are -based and hosted by Microsoft themselves. Microsoft recently confirmed that customers using its cloud-based email   () are not affected.

However, if your company or e-mail provider runs an “old” or “unsupported” version of Server, then you/they could be in trouble.


Many of the latest batch of hack victims are small-to medium-sized business and local government agencies according to the reference Bloomberg article.

Organizations that could be most impacted are those that have an email server that’s running the vulnerable software and exposed directly to the internet, a risky setup that larger ones usually avoid.

How can I determine if I am using Microsoft “Hosted” Exchange or an older version of exchange?

Step 1

Make sure is running, then locate the Outlook icon by clicking the “^” (hidden icon) symbol.

Step 2

Hold the “Ctrl” key down and with the mouse right-click over the Outlook symbol and select “Connection Status”

Step 3

In the new window that appears called “Outlook Connection Status”, under “Server Name” if this contains “” then you are using .

If something different is displayed, send us a screen shot and we can you determine what kind of mail server you are connected to.

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