You may think you have the latest updates on your !! but do you?

Even if updates have been downloaded, did they ever get installed?

How do you find out what update you have on your Mac?


click on “” …..


In the above case the Version is


Latest Versions of

at November 6th are as follows:

 – (see here for current) …. new updates scheduled

OS X  –  (see here for current) …. new updates scheduled

OS X  – (No later Updates available) … to or Sierra


There is Only 1 way to install updates

And that is not by closing the lid or letting the screen go blank (go to sleep mode)



Only by restarting your will any downloaded updates install.

Firstly, make a TimeMachine Backup  and only when satisfied you have a , Restart your .

This is NOT the way to update your MacBook, Pro or Air.

… closing the lid or shell of a , simply puts the device to Sleep..

Restart the Macbook and keep clicking on >>


and click on “Update All



Let the updates download. Restart and repeat the process ……. Until you see the following message



Now your Macbook is truly up-to-date.


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