The NBN Akamai ‘State of the Internet' Q4 Report Released in March 2017, paints a bleaker internet picture than anyone had previously reported.

What is surprising is that it reports that overall internet speeds in Australia are still lower than we previously reported in February 2015 in the post “How to improve your Internet Speed in Perth“. It had been declared that the average internet speed across Australia was 16.4mbps and that Australia were 59th in world ranking…. it turns out that in 2016 the average was only 10.1 mbps which now ranks us at 51st in the world.

“The report can be found here and states “… In Akamai's first quarter report in , the average speed delivered in was 4.7 Megabits per second, while today's report for the fourth quarter shows the average speed delivered of 10.1 Megabits per second……. Australia is now 51st in the world in terms of average connection speeds delivered at 10.1 Megabits per second, which is a 24 per cent increase year on year”

Another startling revelation of the reports states “…today, 80%of premises in Australia are ordering an speed tier of 25 Megabits per second or less.

With existing connections already delivering 30 – 70 mbps, why would you choose a service that is going to give you a slower speed.

If you already have HFC and you are offered the choice to move to NBN over HFC, make sure your being offered a comparable or faster speed, else you could be paying the same price for less speed.

For example TPG and iiNetstandard” plans only offer speeds up to 12 mbps …. which is adequate for downloading not not much more else. We strongly advised not selecting this package.

TPG's “Boost” plans of up to 25 mbps is somewhere near existing HFC speeds

But if you wish to watch Netfliks, , SBS on-demand or even use Skype, do not scrimp and make sure you purchase their “Superfast” plan which offers speeds up to 100 mbps.

Remember all speeds are quoted as “up-to -xxx” which means your average speed will most likely be well below the maximum offered.

How to get super-fast internet in Perth's Golden Triangle



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