Backing up the data on your iMac on a regular basis is essential to ensure you do not lose any information should the device become damaged, lost or corrupted.

There are a number of options, listed and detailed below on how to achieve this listed in the order of ease and simplicity

  1. Time Machine backup to an External HDD or USB Thumb Drive
  2. Time Machine backup to Time Capsule (no longer available for purchase)
  3. Time Machine Backup to a Server, or Networked
  4. Backup over the Internet

Time Machine is Apple’s built-in program for backup and restoring data and it is very easy to use.

How to Backup a Mac using Time machine

Time Machine backup to an External HDD or USB Thumb Drive

Connect a USB storage or flash-drive to a spare USB port and setup Time Machine to use that for backups. This maybe applicable for ’s that only have small internal HDD or SSD of 128 or 256GB. Other wise use an External HDD which come in sizes up to 4 or 6 TB.

Connect an External HDD to a spare USB port with the supplied wire and setup Time Machine to use that for backups. A 1 TB external HDD drive will be suitable for most backup needs. The IT Guys can supply these for $99 and help you setup the backup.


Time Machine backup to Apple Airport Time Capsule

Apple Time Capsules are no longer produced by Apple. But of you still have one, they remain the easiest way to backup wirelessly.

How to backup a mac to a Time Capsule

Time Machine Backup to a Server, NAS Drive or Networked Storage

Backups can be made to any other device, computer or server that are visible over the network.

When setting up the destination of the backup, any available network locations will appear.

If they do not show up, they may require some technical help in setting up the source computer, drive or NAS. Contact the IT Guys for help.

Cloud Backup over the Internet

The IT Guys recommend having two forms of backup, onsite (local, as above) and offsite (in the cloud)

There are many cloud backup services available for $20 – $50 per month depending on the amount of data you require backing up.

We use CrashPlan Pro and can set it up and have it automatically running in the background for an ongoing fee of $20 per month per device.

Cloud Backup from only $20 per month

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