How to compare your internet speed with your area average

What is a good Internet Speed?

In Australia Internet speeds of up to 500 mbps are readily available depending on the technology and services available in your neighbourhood.

See latest data from ACCC at this link, dated Feb 2019


What Alternative internet services are available at my address?

In the previous guide entitled How to Test Your Internet Speed we demonstrated how to take an Internet Speed test.

Are you getting better or worse than the area average?

The data can be now found as part of the National Map system at this obscure address

Use this page to find out what the average internet should be at a particular address (ADSL Connections) and/or what other internet services are available at this address.




Enter your address in the “Search Bar”


…and select your address from the search results. A map will be displayed with a blue marker indicating your location.


Click on the Blue Address Marker ….


Your address co-ordinates will be displayed along with two sub menus

Broadband Quality – SUBT:33

Broadband Availability – SUBT:33

Clicking on Broadband Quality – Shows details of the estimated ADSL broadband speed for this location:


…and scroll down until you see adsl_speed_median


This indicates your area’s average ADSL Internet Speed

Other information available on this page include


The following are the results for our office at 2/224 Rokeby Road, Subiaco.

What Alternative internet services are available at my address?


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7 comments to “How to compare your internet speed with your area average”

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  1. Adrian - September 3, 2016 Reply

    The website you refer to above ( is no longer active.

    • John Kirkby - September 5, 2016 Reply

      Yes, we found that out only a few days ago. With the merging of Federal Departments things have been moved with no real thought or organisation. However, the data we refer to in this article can be found at the following strange URL for the moment, but were not sure if this is a permanent location.

      click on this link

      And in the “search” facility at the top left, enter your home address

      Once found click on the blue marker pin that appears on the map and click on “Broadband Quality” and “Broadband Availability” to see the results for that address.

  2. AC - November 29, 2016 Reply

    My median average says 19.53, im lucky to get anywhere near 10mbps.

  3. Aaron - January 23, 2017 Reply

    My internet speed recently went from a steady 14 – 17Mbps down to a painfully slow 0 – 3Mbps. I had a couple of service visits from TPG and Telstra but to no change to the service. TPG have now said that they won’t investigate further as it seems to be noise affectig the line from an external source.
    As they use the Telstra service, what are your thoughts on changing ISP to resolve the issue? Think it would help or just lock me into a 24month contract with another inadiquate service provider for more $$ per month?

  4. Emma - April 22, 2017 Reply

    Our areas median speed is apparently 10.22 mbps, today we’re averaging 4.59 mbps. Its pathetic.
    We always have issues. It’s never the service providers fault, they say its Telstras problem. Back and forth, again and again, yet we still pay top dollar for a substandard service.

    • John Kirkby - April 27, 2017 Reply

      Unfortunately, upgrading exchanges to the NBN is causing a further slowdown in ADSL speeds all over the country. Our advise is the install a second ADSL service on the second telephone line each home has already. Then use a load-balancer to combine the two ADSL lines into one. This should help until NBN finally reaches you.

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