Common computer problems and possible self-fixes for a computer that will not start, hangs, freezes or is very slow


Power Issues.

If your computer or device shows no sign of power, cannot be started by holding down the power button, shows no lights and no noise such as a fan or ticking hard-disk. Then the issue it is most likely a power issue. Try the following.

  • Check that the plug is in the wall and the power switch is on
  • If connected via a power-board or multi-adapter, try replacing or switching to a known good one and try again
  • Pull the power-cord out of the back of the computer or laptop for at least 30 seconds and reinsert it firmly.

if none of the above actions resolves the issue, then the or power-pack will need replacing and it will need to be sent to our workshop for for further assessment and

Screen Monitor, Keyboard or Mouse issue

Flickering or distorted screens or usually indicate a hardware issue and most of these are not repairable but can be replaceable.

Replacement Monitors, Keyboards and Mice can be purchased at most electrical stores

Keyboards, damaged or cracked screens and trackpads on Laptop or Notebook computers, need to be replaced by a and need to be brought to the workshop for further assessment and testing

Other Issues

How old is your computer?

Is your computer a Microsoft Windows Computer or Laptop
running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP? If so CLICK HERE

Is your computer an APPLE computer or laptop such as an , MacBook, MacBook Air or Mini?

Is your computer a tablet, chrome-book, kindle, or a smart-?

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Apple Computer Issues

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Tablets, Chrome-book, Kindle, iPad or a smart-phone?


Generally, these items are not repairable (if broken) but the operating system can often be re-installed or reset.

Doing so may get the device working again, but all is likely to be lost unless t has a .

How old is my Windows PC?