How to fix Skype when it suddenly stops working


Has suddenly stop working for you recently?


We have a fix. Here is what to do

A client recently came to us complaining that having been a long-term user of skype, it had recently and unexpectedly suddenly stopped working and just hung there with the message “connecting”.

We tried uninstalling, reinstalling. Disabling the firewall and Virus checker (thing recommended by the Skype FAQ) but nothing worked.

After a few hours of research we found many, many Skype users complaining that since they had upgraded to Skype version 6.1 … it had stopped working for them and Microsoft were simply burying their heads in the sand and denying that there was a problem (they did the same when they released Windows 8)

The solution we found to work was to uninstall skype completely and install an old version. The most relaible version appears to be version which can be found here


Once Skype is loaded and working again, goto “Tools” > “Options” > “Advanced” and make sure under “Advanced” you TURN OFF automatic updates, so the problem will not come back again.

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  1. VC - July 19, 2014 Reply

    Thank you very much!! I installed the latest version today and immediately started to have problem signing in. By following your advice, I was able to get back on again.

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