How to give an Android  to a child and restrict it ONLY to be used as a Phone (Disable Texting, E-mail, and Internet Access)

Many parents want to keep in touch with their children when out of the house and are supplying them with smart-phones (iPhone, Android, Samsung) in order to do so.

However, having a smart-phones also gives unrestricted access to texting, E-Mails and unfiltered Internet Access, not a good thing for an impressionable child.

There are two solutions to the problem.


Solution #1 – Non-Smart Solution

It is possible to still purchase non-smart phones such as the following “flip-“:

However, many a “” or “tween” would probably be too embarrassed to let it be known to their peers that they were having to use 80’s tech. Plus you can still message (SMS) on one of these ancient flip-phones even though they don’t have the “Internet” and “Apps”

Which brings us to a more elegant solution

Solution #2 – Restrict the smart- to only be used for telephone calls.

How to Restrict an Android or Tablet


A cheaper and better option to an would be to use a smart-phone that uses the  Android Operating System such as a , LG, , , , Sony etc.

Google has a very neat feature called “Family Link” (which apparently also works on iOS devices) which gives extensive over “how” and “when” an Android device can be used and not used.


How to restrict an iPhone to phone-only use

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