How to setup Exchange or Office 365 Mail Accounts

How to add Office 365 or Exchange or hosted exchange email accounts to your PC/Computer, Mac, Phone or Device.



If you’ve had your email account for quite some time and it either has it’s own custom domain or comes from a major telco such as Telstra (Bigpond), chances are it uses a protocol known as POP to bring email to your PC/Computer, Mac, Phone or Device.

In this day and age where your as likely to have your email on your phone or iPad as well as the old PC, POP (or POP3) has lost it’s relevance and has been or is being replaced by Exchange or IMAP.

Bigpond (Telstra) are gradually moving their millions of customers to IMAP and if you use Office 365 or Office 2013 or accessing work emails then your more than likely using Exchange.

Does my Mail provider use IMAP or POP?

Where IMAP/Exchange differs from POP is in where your old emails and email folders are stored.

Emails sent to your mail server or ISP, (ie Bigpond, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo) never sit there for long and are quickly forwarded to your Computer, Phone or Device. The danger here, is of your computer gets a virus, is damaged or loses its data, then unless you have a backup …. those files, folders and history are gone forever. This is why many ISP’s, companies and individuals are moving or are being forced to move to IMAP or Exchange mail accounts.

With IMAP or Exchange, incoming email is saved on the server and then “synced” to your PC/Computer, Mac, Phone or Device.

If you create a “folder” on your PC/Computer, Mac, Phone or Device or delete emails, the same folder or deleted mail is reflected on the server and all synced devices almost immediately and automatically, meaning you no longer have to delete the same spam email multiple times. If you lose, damage or destroy your main mail computer, you can simply download and sync the mail to another PC or access the mail via “webmail” on any browser, anywhere in the world.

How to setup an IMAP mail account

The company that has been using IMAP the longest is probably Google or Gmail. The settings for IMAP are very similar to POP or POP3 in so far as they require details of an “Incoming Mail Server” plus an “Outgoing” or “SMTP” mail server

Each email provider has their own IMAP mail setting and you need to refer to the ISP support page to find these details.

The Bigpond or Telstra Support Page can be found by clicking here.

How to setup an Exchange or Hosted Exchange Mail Account

Adding Office 365, Exchange or Hosted Exchange mail accounts are usually much easier, due an “Auto discover” feature that automatically finds the mail settings for you once you enter your email address and password.


However, depending on the device and software you are using to access your mail, the procedure differs.

We’ve had a good hunt around the web and found the best tutorials for each type. See the links below.


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