How to test your Internet Speed

What is a “good” ? is generally tested and compared by the “” and is measured in “” (mega-bits-per-second). This is how to test it.

The easiest way of testing internet speed is by using a site called “” from OOKLA. Ignore any popup adverts or distracting advertising and simply click on the “Begin Test” or “GO” button as indicated below.



The speed-test will begin and will return three results as shown below. PING (circled in Red) SPEED (circled in Yellow) and UPLOAD SPEED (circled in Green)


What do the results mean?

DOWNLOAD SPEED (circled in Yellow)

As mentioned above, Internet speed is generally tested and compared by the “download speed” and is measured in “mbps” (mega-bits-per-second).

In 2014 the average internet download speed results per state Australian capital city were as follows: 16.5 mbps, Canberra – 22.4 mbps, Sydney – 21.7 mbps, Hobart – 19.4 mbps, Melbourne – 15 mbps, Brisbane – 14.5 mbps, Adelaide – 12.6 mbps, Perth – 11.7 mbps

Download speeds differ greatly depending on the type of internet-connection you have and your distance from the telephone exchange or mobile tower. The following is a list of connection types and their typical connection speeds.


ADSL1 or ADSL2 or ADSL2+ is delivered over the standard copper telephone line and is the slowest form of internet. Speeds vary depending on how close your location is physically to the telephone exchange. Maximum speed of 22 mbps can be expected but most connections would be 10 mbps or less and have become noticeably slower in recent months as copper-lines are replaced or upgraded by the NBN Company.

To compare how your results compare to average speeds in your area click here: How to compare your internet speed with your area average


Mobile Broadband is what your smart-phone uses to connect to the Internet when you are not in the house or work connected to Wi-Fi. It is commonly referred to as 3G or 4G. Although your phone has the facility built-in, on a laptop or PC you will need a “dongle” or “mobile-broadband modem“. Very good download speeds of 30 – 70 mbps can be achieved. Mobile Broadband comes of age, thanks to Telstra

What is HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial)

The fastest type of connections available  but not available everywhere offering download speeds of 100 mbps to 1000 mbps.

NBN is available most commonly as Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), Fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) and also over HFC. Dark Fibre (Secure, high-speed fibre-optic, point-to-point connectivity providing a secure way to deliver high-speed data applications) is also available for businesses who need high-speed and high-security and is available from non-NBN companies on NBN or private data networks. In country areas NBN Fixed Wireless is also available.

PING (circled in Red)

The PING also know as “Latency” is a measure of the quality of the internet connection and in general the lower the PING speed, the better the quality of the line. This can be tested further a


UPLOAD SPEED (circled in Green)

Upload speeds to a max on 1 mbps maybe possible on ADSL, 2 mbps on Cable/HFC but on Fibre/NBN upload speeds of 40 mbps are achievable.

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