Apple users can easily store their documents, files and photos in iCloud with first 5GB Free of charge


is available on all computers and Apple devices including iPhone and and even via a browser

Each iCloud account provides up to 5GB of free with more available for a monthly fee. up to 50 GB: for AUD$1.49/month, up to 200 GB: for AUD$4.49/month or up to 2 TB: for AUD$14.99/month. See here for current pricing in various locations

How to activate iCloud on a macOS device

Goto “ Preference” by selecting from the program bar or by clicking on the Apple Symbol in the top left and selecting “

Where to find iCloud Settings - macOS

How to activate iCloud on an iOS device

Select the “System” icon on your iPhone or

iOS Settings

Click on your Name (Apple ID, iCloud, Media & Purchases)

Then select “iCloud”

icloud settings on ios devi

This shows how much iCloud you have, how much you have free and what applications are using iCloud. If you need to purchase more iCloud storage, click on “Manage Storage”

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