Do you have to step outside your house or office before you can make or receive mobile phone calls?

no mobile signal

This is a common problem in geographical areas where mobile phone signal is weak, often referred to as a mobile-black-spot

mobile phone blackspot

If your mobile signal is weak whilst standing in the garden or driveway, then it may decrease to nothing once inside the house.

Living in a house with a metal roof, thick walls or with lots of reinforced concrete can stop the mobile phone signal reaching your mobile phone.

Now before complaining or changing mobile phone providers, there is a solution. Something you can do yourself to fix the issue.

There are three solutions. Switch on VoWiFi / Wi-Fi Calling (FREE), Change Mobile Phone providers (inconvenient) or install a Mobile phone booster (expensive)

vo wi-fi

There is a FREE solution in , its called VoWiFi (Wi-Fi Calling)

The solution uses your or office wi-fi network to make phone calls when the phone cannot access the mobile phone tower.

What is Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi)?

Wi-Fi Calling enables you to make voice calls using a Fixed Wi-Fi connection from your compatible mobile when you can’t connect to the mobile network.

wifi calling

Your mobile simply uses your W-Fi network instead of the mobile network. So you can make and receive calls as you normally would.


Is my phone set up for Wi-Fi Calling?

To use Wi-Fi calling, you need to:

1.Have a Wi-Fi Calling compatible smartphone or tablet

  • Apple 6 onwards,
  • Apple Watch 3 onwards
  • Samsung Galaxy devices, S7 onwards, Note 5 onwards
  • Pixel 2 devices onwards
  • onwards

2. Have Voice Calls enabled

3. Have up to date software

4. Turn on Wi-Fi Calling in ‘Settings’.

How do I turn on Wi-Fi Calling?

For devices:

android phone

  • Go to your phones calling app
  • Select ‘More’ or the three dots in the top right corner
  • Select ‘Settings’
  • Turn on ‘Wi-Fi Calling

For iPhone:


Is this service available from ALL Australian Mobile Phone Companies?

According to the Apple Website this feature works on SmartPhones connected to these Mobile Phone Networks (3G, 4G, 5G)

Your Internet ISP is not important as long as your Mobile Phone carrier is one of the above.

What if my Wi-Fi does not reach through the house?

Does your Wi-Fi reach all corners of your house?

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