General tips on increasing your Wi-Fi and internet speed

In the previous guides entitled How to Test Your Internet Speed we demonstrated how to take an Internet Speed In the Guide entitled How to compare your internet speed with your area average  we compare your results from the speed test with your area’s average Internet Speed. In the Guide entitled What Alternative internet services are available at my address? we examine what alternative Internet Services are available at your address. In the Guide called How to test my modem. Does it need replacing? we examined possible speed issues related to your Modem Router. In this guide we offer some general advise and tips to get the most out of your Internet Connection and Wi-Fi strength through your house or office. Tip 1) Use a “Wired” connection between your Modem-Router and your Computer rather than a “Wireless” or “WiFi” connection Whatever the upload and download speed of your internet connection (see 1 above) you will usually achieve near 100% of that speed IF your PC, Computer or Laptop is connected to the Modem-Router using an Ethernet Cable like so.   Tip 2) If using WiFi  place the Wireless Router or Wireless access point as close to the wireless devices as possible This may seem like common sense, but simply having the Wi-Fi-Modem-Router close to your devices can be one of the biggest things you can do to help improve signal strength and reduce interference. This doesn’t actually reduce interference in any way, but since the signal strength will be stronger, the ambient “noise” will not affect your network as much.    Tip 3) If using Wi-Fi keep the wireless WiFi-Modem-Router  away from other electronic devices The closer your Wi-Fi-Modem-Router is to other devices, the more likely interference will become a problem. Common electronic devices to avoid are: microwaves, televisions and computers.   Tip 4) If using Wi-Fi use the less common 5 GHz frequency WIFI band This will only work if all of your devices support operating at the 5 GHz frequency, but if you can use it, the level of interference should be much, much less than the often cluttered 2.4 GHz band. 5 GHz is also typically much faster, but the range is greatly reduced. In a small home or apartment, however, range may not be as important a factor as reducing the level of ambient interference.     Tip 5) If ADSL is your only option and your Internet speed is very poor, add a second ADSL line or Bonded DSL Connection If you need good upload and download speeds and your distance from the exchange prevents it, then a Bonded DSL internet service could be the solution. For details on recommended ADSL services, click on this link. Add a second ADSL line for only $70 per month.   Tip 6) If ADSL is your only option and you do NOT want to add a 2nd line Move your home or office closer to to the telephone exchange??? As the above graph demonstrates, the further your dwelling or office is from the Telephone exchange, the weaker the signal and the slower the speed of your internet connection as the signal is coming over a copper wire. (this is not the case in Cable (HFC) or Fibre connections) Tip 7) Contact your ISP and ask them speed up your connection Ask your ISP to “boost” or “throttle up” the speed of your connection. Most ISP’s never put you on the fastest speed UNLESS YOU ASK them. It’s amazing what you can do with just a phone call. Tip 8) Upgrade to a Fibre, Cable (HFC), Wireless or Bonded-DSL connection. Through our partnership’s with Amcom and Amnet we can supply and install Internet and Telephony Services from ADSL to Dark Fibre See Here: What types of Internet connections do I have in Australia? Tip 9) Go Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband comes of age, thanks to Telstra Tip 10) Extend Wifi Signal using Range Extenders and Wireline Adapters   Look at these pages and the solutions they offer Networking and Internet Small Apartment, Home or Small Office Network Solutions Medium Sized Single-story Home or Medium Office Network Solutions Large Home or Large Office Complex Solutions over Multiple Floors Related Issues Self Test Internet Performance Guide Guide 1 – How to test your internet speed Guide 2 – How to compare your internet speed with your area average Guide 3 – What Alternative internet services are available at my address? Guide 4 – How to test my modem. Does it need replacing? Guide 5 – General tips on increasing your internet and Wi-Fi speed Need more help? If you live in Western Australia, and you need any kind of computer help, please bring your computer to us at 315 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia or call us out. You can contact us here or call:08 6118 2601 Alternatively click on the Green “Support” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and leave a message.For instant remote control support download and install our TeamViewer remote control software By Clicking Here and following the instructions found on this page