5 iPhone failed passcodes could mean losing all data

Having work emails on your could result in all data being erased after only 5 failed attempts

toddler-with-iphoneThere is a feature on your iPhone that allows the data on your phone to be automatically erased if the passcode is entered incorrectly after 10 or less attempts.

While this is a very good feature to ensure that a thief cannot get at your personal data if your phone is stolen, having the phone fall into the hands of a toddler can also have the same effect resulting in a complete loss of data after the phone is automatically “wiped“.

Having your data erased or wiped is not a big thing as long as your regularly backup your data (allowing a complete restore or re-install of your phone from the backup) but without that backup you could lose everything. Even the best data recovery and CSI police departments do not have a solution to recovering data from a wiped-iPhone.


How to check if the iPhone “Erase Data” feature is switched on

If the “Erase Data” button is switched on (green) then make sure you know your passcode and that you keep the phone well away from toddlers and infants.

How could I lose my data after only 5 failed attempts and not 10?

iphone6-plusIf you access your company emails on your iphone, the company has the ability to change the number of failed passcode attempts and has the option of either disabling the phone or erasing all the data on it.

We recently had an employee of Woodside Petroleum (Perth, Australia) bring his phone in to us who’s grandchild had managed to get at his phone and repeatedly press the passcode screen.

Unbeknownst to the employee, Woodside had changed the settings to erase all data after only 5 failed passcode attempts instead of the usual 10.

We tried to recover the data but the phone had been completely wiped.


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