Once your identity (ID) has been stolen it can be almost impossible to recover.

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Some of the things that criminals may be able to do with your identity include:

  • tricking your bank or financial institution into giving them to your money and other accounts
  • opening new accounts and accumulating large debts in your name which will ruin your credit rating and good name
  • taking control of your accounts including by changing the address on your credit card or other accounts so you don’t receive statements and don’t realise there is a problem
  • opening a phone, or other service account in your name
  • claiming government benefits in your name
  • lodging fraudulent claims for tax refunds in your name and preventing you from being able to lodge your legitimate return

Keep Your Driving License Safe

Driver’s licences the ‘golden ticket’ of as authorities struggle to protect victims …… more

Protecting Your Identity Advice


If your identity is stolen:

Support and Counselling Services

IDCARE is Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber service. They are a not-for-profit Australian charity that was formed to address a critical support gap for individuals confronting identity and concerns.

provides specialist Identity & Counsellors and Analysts that apply a human-centred approach to identity and cyber security.

If you believe your are a victim of Click here to contact – ID Care


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