FREE 8-point IT, Cyber & Computer Systems Audit and Security Assessment for District32 members.

Cyber & Computer Systems Audit and Security Assessment

As a member of the District32 Stirling branch, the IT Guys (WA) would like to offer a FREE 8-point IT Systems Audit and Security Assessment

Even if you have an in-house IT person, IT team or external IT service provider, would you not like to ensure that they are doing the best for your company?Even though they may have the best of intentions, their skills and experience may not be adequate and up-to-date to identify and protect your business from an ever growing number of cyber security threats.

The IT Guys have provided obligation-free, independent and confidential IT & Computer Auditing services to scores of small to medium sized companies across Perth.

Our audits cover the following area:

  1. Software Security Audit – Check for Microsoft Office 365 Business or 2016 Pro Plus plus all other programs running latest updates and patched in line with OS updates.
  2. Operating System Security Audit – Check for min SOE (Standard Operating Environment) 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro, OS minimum High . All workstations and servers to have current and updated Anti-Virus software.
  3. Email Security Audit – Check for mailboxes and not running ISP, Google, Hostaway or web hosted email on IMAP and
  4. Backup Security Audit – Ensure backups occurring regularly locally and offsite (or cloud) ensure backup software running and storage devices have no errors.
  5. Data Security Audit – Ensure group or shared data properly secured and being backed up.
  6. Network Systems Security Audit – Check and network is properly password protected, has security and firmware updates properly configured.
  7. Server Security Audit – Check server is working, is a currently support OS and has all security patches installed. Also check security login and activity directory properly password protected.
  8. Cloud & Web Security Audit – Check website is secure and hosted on secure and updated web host with fully patched hosting software.

Full and comprehensive audits over large or multiple sites, buildings, offices etc, will be quoted after our initial FREE Audit.

Our audit principles are based on the guideline “Maintaining Information Governance and Security” from the “Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

Please Email us at and one of our principles will contact you to discuss your requirements and concerns and arrange an initial meeting.

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