Laptop or Notebook not starting or behaving strangely?

If your or Notebook is not starting or is not behaving or performing as it once did you may have a problem and a repair maybe needed.

Call us and speak to one of our technicians and they will be able to tell you if it your problem is a simple fix that can be handled yourself or fixed by us remotely or something that will need our technicians to examine further at our office workshop or at your premises.

If you bring your Laptop or Notebook to our office and we need to carry out testing, internal examination or detailed investigation, we will requires a none refundable charge of :assess-fee: in advance which includes hardware testing and scanning and a detailed report including repair or replacement cost. We will contact you and discuss our findings with you before we carry out any or replace any parts. If you decide not to go ahead with the repairs you will have no more to pay.

Our technicians can also travel to your premises to carry out examination and testing which may result in the equipment requiring further examination at our workshop. In this case travel time to and from site will be chargeable.

We highly recommend bringing your Computer equipment to our office if possible as this will save you time and money

Quite often we may advise our clients that their Laptop will be cheaper to replace, rather than repair and we may offer you a choice of replacement equipment.

Items such as Laptop Batteries, Laptop screens and Laptop Keyboards are relatively cheap to replace but may have to be ordered from interstate or overseas. Depending on the cost of the item, we may require payment in advance to order in such parts.

Laptop Software or Issues

The most common type of Laptop Repairs are problems with the Operating System  (OS) such as Windows 10, , , Windows Vista, Windows XP, Apple OS etc which may have become corrupted, infected with a computer virus or malware, an OS updating issues or even suffering from the-blue-screen-of-death.

Laptop Hardware Issues

The Laptop problem could be related to the internal electronic components such as the SupplyHard Disk Drive ()Memory () or the internal Motherboard or CPU sometimes even peripheral devices attached to your computer such as printers, scanners, keyboard, mouse etc. These are all collectively known as Computer Hardware or simply “hardware“.

The IT Guys specialise in all Laptop Repairs  and Laptop Software or both. On many occasions your issues could well be a combination of both of the above.

Replacing Damaged  Laptop or Notebook Hardware

Laptops and by their very nature are susceptible to being dropped or stood on or having liquids spilt over them. This often requires replacement of the damaged items such as a Broken or Cracked Laptop Screen or a Laptop keyboard replacement. Our technicians are skilled in all such repairs but will not be able to complete the repair until a replacement part has been sourced or priced. Parts are not readily available in Perth, so most parts will have to be sourced from the Eastern States or from Overseas, requiring between 3 to 21 days for delivery of the part.

Many problems can be fixed yourself, here are some self-help guides to common problems in Hints and Tips section.