To send and receive email using your own email address ( requires the purchase of a “domain” or domain-name and an email mailbox. In Australia these are available from $72 per year.

business domain name

To be taken seriously and professionally in you need to have a domain-name (email address and website address) that brands your company and makes you identifiable from others.

See: 11 reasons you must STOP using FREE, generic or ISP based domain names for business emails.” business domain-name is only $33 per year and a Mailbox is only $72.60 per year (if you already have an Office 365 license)

For $105.60 per year (inc GST) we can register and setup your new and redirect emails from your gmail account for free. … as your business grows, you can more email addresses using your domain for a further $72.60 per user per year.

If you would like to take your business to the next level, please let us know.

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