Mac Upgrades available for iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini, Macbook Air

and most Apple Mac Computers – Perth, Western Australia

Most Mac Computers can be upgraded with more memory to make it run like a new model.

Memory can be in the form of RAM or Space such as HDD or SSD

If your computer does not have a minimum of 4MB RAM memory that will need to be upgraded to run the latest operating systems such as or but the biggest performance upgrade is to replace the standard Hard Disk (HDD) with a super fast Solid State Drive (SSD)

Very old models may not be able to be upgraded to the latest macOS but will still benefit from an increase in memory. Hard Disk Drives (HDD) over 4 years old should be replaced with another HDD or SSD. This alone will give a noticeable performance increase.

To find out if or how much your Apple Computer can be upgraded, you firstly need your computers serial number which can be found on the underside of MacBooks or the base of the stand on iMacs or click on “About this Mac“. Once you have your serial number send an email to and we can then give you a written quote of options that will suit your Apple

Most early Mac’s were shipped with as little as 512 MB of RAM (Internal Memory for running programs) new Mac’s are now supplied with either 8 or 16 GB, this is the amount of memory Apple recommends for their latest operating systems such as Big Sur or Catalina and a warning here, if you wish to upgrade to the latest operating systems your Mac will need a MINIMUM of 4GB RAM memory


Depending on the age of your Mac, you can upgrade RAM up to 32 GB but it varies per model. Another way of finding out the type of RAM your computer supports is the click on About This Mac” -> “Memory this will show the type of RAM installed and the number of RAM slots available.

RAM for Mac’s varies in price from model to model but is generally around $75 for 4 GB plus installation cost. For an accurate quotation, please send an email to  with your Mac serial number.

Upgrading the RAM on your Mac will make your programs run faster, especially if you are running more than one application at a time. However it will not increase your startup time or the performance of applications that access the HDD a great deal such as databases and editing. To increase this speed, upgrade or add a SSD (Solid State Drive).

Repairs and Upgrades of Other Mac Computers

The IT Guys also repair and upgrade all Apple Mac Computers, including iMac Repairs, iMac UpgradesMacbook Repairs, Macbook Upgrades, Macbook Pro Repairs, Macbook Pro Upgrades, Macbook Air Repairs, Macbook Air Upgrades and Mac Mini Repairs and Mac Mini Upgrades. We can also offer a Macbook Battery Replacement Service.

For us to be able to quote you on upgrade options for your Mac, we need the computers serial number to be sent to us by email to we can then give you a written quote of options that will suit your Mac.

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