Hosted Exchange Security Features – Standard v Advanced Threat Protection

Hosted Exchange mail boxes offer , Spam and protection as standard, features not offered by POP or IMAP mailboxes provided by ISP’s or Domain Hosting Companies.

Under the “Security & Compliance” section of the hosted exchange admin web page, you can configure Hosted Exchange to deal with threats in many different ways. Rather than directing E-mails containing Spam, and Phishing to each users “Junk” folder, you have the option of holding them on the Hosted Exchange in “Quarantine” where they can be held, examined and possibly released without threatening the clients network.


Emails held in Quarantine containing Malware
Emails held in Quarantine containing


Emails held in Quarantine containing Phishing Threats
Emails held in Quarantine containing Phishing Threats


, and are standard options using Hosted Exchange.

Standard Microsoft Hosted Exchange Threat Protection
Standard Hosted Exchange Threat Protection

However, by adding the optional “ Advance Threat Protection ()” additional security options become available including sophisticated “ATP Anti-Phishing“, “ATP ” and “ATP Safe-Links

Advanced Threat Protection on Microsoft Hosted Exchange
Advanced Threat Protection on Hosted Exchange

The additional features allow customised threat protection not offered by any other mail platform.

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