Have you been caught out in a Phishing Scams when attempting to renew Microsoft Office?

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A Phishing scam is where scammers fool you into revealing personal and banking information by typically impersonating a bank, supplier or utility website designed to steal your identity, banking or credit card details.


It is a very easy mistake to make, typically shows a renewal or activation error due to an error or a genuine license expiry and you click on a renewal link that is not genuine but appears so.

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We hear this story too many times. present you with a site that looks like a genuine Microsoft site but is not. The scammers-website form will accept your credit/debit card details and you think you have purchased a license renewal.

However, most people become suspicious when the renewal error keeps reoccurring and then Microsoft omits to send you a receipt?

If you think you have been scammed because your license appears to have not been renewed then you should take the following action immediately.

  • Check ALL your email addresses including the scam, junk and quarantine folders for a genuine Microsoft receipt email
  • If you cannot find an email receipt from Microsoft, then assume you may have been phished and… contact Microsoft here . Ask if they have received a payment from your card?

If Microsoft cannot find or confirm any transactions that match your recollection then immediately contact your bank/credit card provider and instruct them to put your card on hold and to not accept any future charges including the one you now suspect is fraudulent.

Contact The IT Guys (WA) and we can make sure we supply you with a genuine license renewal…. if you need one!!.

Only by examining your computer remotely or accessing your , can we determine if you need a license renewal or not and can then suggest the most appropriate and cost effective license for your circumstance.

The IT Guys WA, can help by buying the license from Microsoft on your behalf and invoicing you so that you can pay us by bank-transfer instead of exposing your credit or debit card to scammers.

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