Do you want the flexibility of a or laptop and the comfort of a ? You can have the best of both world’s, let the IT Guys and Dell supply and configure the perfect solution for under $3,000

untimate dell office

Spending hours in front of a laptop screen is about the worst thing you can do to your body, especially to your neck if your not adopting the correct posture

laptop pain in the neck


However, syncing data between a portable device such as a “notebook” or “laptop” and a “desktop” computer is also quite a pain. Just a pain in a different part of the anatomy 🙂

dell laptop

Using a Dell “Docking Station” in a few moments you can transfer your laptop or notebook from a portable computer, into a desktop, with a full sized keyboard, mouse and single or multiple monitors. Simply close the lid …

dell laptop closed

…. and slot the notebook into the “docking-station

dell dock

…and your “laptop” turns into a “desktop” …with a full size keyboard and mouse, or keep the lid open and extend your screen across the laptop and the external high definition .

dell extended screen

…hundreds of possibilities and configurations, with 1,2,3 or 4 monitors and have your printer, backup unit and high speed network connection instantly available.

Dell laptop 2

If you would like to know what the IT Guys can supply and configure for you, call us on 08 6365 5603 and have a chat to one of our consultants.

3 reasons you need a second monitor at home or the office


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