Get high speed Today? ….depending where you live in Subiaco! Some of you are going to have to wait until 2020.



and residents in Subiaco North have had their NBN connections delayed until at least July  to December 2020 after NBN company flipped 440,000 customers across 160 Australian suburbs from an HFC connection to (Fibre-to-the-curb) recently.

Only 1 Western Australia suburb was in the list, Subiaco…. Subiaco North to be precise (see map above)

As reported by IT News on April 20th, have confined thousands of Residential and customers in to the very back of the NBN queue by forcing them onto their latest NBN technology FTTC (fibre-to-the-curb).

However Business customer do not have to wait until 2020 to get faster . The IT Guys can organise to have business grade fibre fitted to your building, with Internet speeds up to 500 mbps (see below) ….. much faster than NBN can deliver (max 100 mbps)

If you are already connected to NBN you have 18 months from connection date before you lose the land line

You only have a matter of months to embrace the NBN or risk losing your land line, and anything connected to it such as Security Alarm systems, Medical Emergency alarms etc.

Existing Copper Land Lines will be disconnected 18 months after the NBN go-live date

The date for of the copper land line for the suburb is as follows Subiaco (East) – 18/2/19

Even though the suburb has officially gone live with NBN, there could be some exceptions such as Businesses and strata properties. The only sure way of finding out if your premises has gone live is to click here on this link and enter your address.If the NBN Company website states that NBN is available, you will need to contact an NBN service provider such as your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) or   to start the process. However, before doing so, consider the following.

Your existing services may be affected

The rollout of the nbn means some existing devices and services may not be compatible with these at all times.

If you have any of the following devices or services, contact your service provider or register with so that they can support you to help minimise a break in services.

If you have any of the above devices, make sure they are ALL made NBN ready before asking to be switched to the NBN. It is also a good idea to make sure you have a mobile phone available and working, should something go wrong during installation and there is a delay between losing your phone line and NBN becoming available.

Once satisfied you have no existing services that maybe affected or you have fixed any incompatibility issues, you need to select an NBN provider and a plan. The following guide should be of assistance.

Confused by NBN Plans? What are the alternatives to NBN?

Can I still use my land-line once I have NBN installed?

Yes, but you may find your old telephone handset does not work any more and you may have to buy a new one (or your provider my provide you with a compatible one) Instead of connecting to a wall socket, the phone will need to to a socket in the side of the new NBN modem or NBN connection box that will be provided by your ISP.

Telephone and Internet Connections offered by NBN


Telephone and Internet Connections offered via Mobile Phone Networks

Telephone and Internet Connections offered via Independent Telecomm Companies

If you find you need any assistance in setting up your new NBN services or
your telephone/answering machine, , or computer. Please give us a call.